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Ck2 Ruler Designer Not Working

READ ME IF YOU ARE USING THE MOD: Due to the way CK2 is uploading the mod and generating the .mod file, you MUST go and edit the "ruler designer unlocked! agot supplement.mod" file in the mod folder. No clue on why it insists on adding an extra .mod but it is what it is. If you do not edit the file from

Ck2 Ruler Designer Not Working


How do I create a custom character in Crusader Kings 3? Upon its initial release, Crusader Kings 3 had quite limited character customisation options compared to its predecessor, only allowing you to edit existing rulers and their family members via the Barbershop. However, the Version 1.2 update in November 2020 re-added (for free, no less) the popular Ruler Designer, which gives you more options for creating a brand-new character from scratch.

To access Ruler Designer, you need to first begin a new game of Crusader Kings 3 in a time period of your choosing and pick a pre-existing ruler you want to replace with your own character. Select the historical figure you want to oust from the world map and choose the 'Create your own Ruler' option. This will generate a random custom character and take you to the Ruler Designer, where you can tweak them to your heart's content.

High school English refresher: Hamlet was a horribly imperfect prince of Denmark. His relationship ended with his girlfriend committing suicide; his attempt at rule ended in his death. If a player designs a character with as many flaws as Hamlet, their ruler is about as doomed as Macbeth (who was also pretty doomed from the get-go).

Just as players need to avoid making their characters infertile, they also need to avoid roping them into childless marriages. For rulers who are allowed secondary wives, this section is less relevant. But for the rest: ensure the chance of children from PC marriage is high. Players may also want to make sure their first marriage snags them an alliance, thus also the military help critical for early survival. Spouses should also have good skills (and, therefore, good genes).

No nuance here. If the player's custom character isn't the top dog of their realm, they need to figure out what to do about it. Why? Many rulers can revoke their subordinate's territory on a whim. How can one prevent this? By making the risky play for independence, perhaps. It can end badly, just about as badly as the risky play to make oneself the king.

The problem of having a royal boss can also be solved (in a much more sniveling fashion) via an alliance with the ruler. Given it's the Middle Ages, forging a marriage bond is a sure bet. Securing the hand of a king, prince or princess is no mean feat, however. Finding a hook with the ruler is the best option. No matter what the player does, however, it would be folly for them to dream of winning the non-matrilineally bound hand of a sovereign queen. It's not going to happen.

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