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Dead Bodies Stay Kotor

Now enjoy a more realistic game with full realism of no decay times! The bodies and Vehicles will now stay on the ground! I got back into this game and I have always wanted to make this mod or find someone who has made it but I could never find it... However I did find mods that did this for Age of Empires games! So I reached out to the creators of these mods and luckily since it uses the same engine and code I was able to actually create Bodies Stay Mod for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga!

Dead Bodies Stay Kotor

This mod makes the Wreckage and the bodies in the game and in other mods like Republic At War mod stay on the battlefield after being destroyed instead of disappearing or blowing up. Basically, just adds some realism to the game. Could cause lag if you have a low quality computer but if you have a good computer it should not be a problem at all.

If you have any requests I can make those mods bodies stay as well just comment below. They can be EAW mods or FOC mods let me know and Please Post A link to the mod so I know what one to download. Thanks! Or if you don't want to wait you can make the bodies and Wreckage stay yourself by learning how to do it with this tutorial. And if like to help create Bodies Stay mods for the mods on the list PM me for details.

I really hope that you will patch in an option for the performance modes of consoles which makes dead bodies visible until the player leaves a planet or at least an area completely. I would even sacrifice stable 30 fps for this feature - just make it optional please.

Product: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderPlatform:Microsoft XBOX OneSummarize your bug Bodies disappear or get cleaned up too quickly. Can you please make it so that they stay till you leave the area? Or at least 3 or 4 of them do. There are 2 issues with this.... 1) It destroys immersion and makes it seem as though you're just defeating pixels rather than real storm troopers. 2) When discovering new enemy types by BD1 scanning them, I have about 30 seconds before the body i wanted to scan disappears. Why should I have to rush to scan them, I want to clear the enemies, observe the environment and scan enemies when I want to.How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Defeat an enemy then look at the body, it disappears within about 30 seconds.What happens when the bug occurs? Immersion of me being in the world is broken completely. I'm reminded the enemy was just an NPC in a game.What do you expect to see? 3-5 bodies should ideally remain at any given time seeing as most fights in an area are with a small group of similar size. The main point is that after a small battle I want to take my time in the area and look around t my leisure. But I don't want to see enemies i just defeated fade away as it's a constant immersion breaker.

When this witness climbed out of a window, he was seen by a guard who shot at him. He pretended to be dead and managed to escape the following morning. The other witness quoted above spent the night under a heap of bodies; the next morning, he watched as the soldiers examined the corpses for signs of life. The few survivors were forced to sing Serbian songs, and were then shot. Once the final victim had been killed, an excavator was driven in to shunt the bodies out of the shed; the asphalt outside was then hosed down with water. In September 1996, however, it was still possible to find the evidence.[122]

After being held in the gym for several hours, the men were led out in small groups to the execution fields that afternoon. Each prisoner was blindfolded and given a drink of water as he left the gym. The prisoners were then taken in trucks to the execution fields less than one kilometre away. The men were lined up and shot in the back; those who survived the initial shooting were killed with an extra shot. Two adjacent meadows were used; once one was full of bodies, the executioners moved to the other. While the executions were in progress, the survivors said, earth-moving equipment was digging the graves. A witness who survived the shootings by pretending to be dead, reported that General Mladić drove up in a red car and watched some of the executions.[124]

The video footage (starting about 2hr 35 min. into the proceedings) shows an Orthodox priest blessing several members of a Serbian unit known as the "Scorpions." Later these soldiers are shown visibly abusing civilians physically. They were later identified as four minors as young as 16 and two men in their early twenties. The footage then shows the execution of four of the civilians and shows them lying dead in the field. At this point the cameraman expresses disappointment that the camera's battery is almost out. The soldiers then ordered the two remaining captives to take the four dead bodies into a nearby barn, where they were also killed upon completing this task.[202][203]

The feeling that the place is deserted is superbly done. Wandering around the base you will discover the dead bodies of the Vita 1 inhabitants, which you will need to search for items and clues. Any object or item that can be manipulated in some way will flash up a white magnifying glass when you get near to it.

Although the bodies strewn around the base may look dead, they are decidedly undead! In the beginning only the odd zombie will drag itself lazily to its feet. The further you progress into the game though, the more bodies become animated.

On 21 August 1992, four buses comprised only of men set off from Trnopolje camp. At a junction near Kozarac, the buses from Trnopolje were joined by other buses full of prisoners that came from Tukovi. The convoy was accompanied by members of a special police unit of the Prijedor SJB. Towards late afternoon, before reaching the line of separation between Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Muslim controlled territory, shortly after Skender Vakuf and near Mount Vlacic, two of the buses, each carrying approximately 100 persons, stopped. On one side of the road, there was a deep gorge, on the other side, a steep face of rock. The area is referred to as Koricanske Stijene. The men from the buses were taken in a column to the edge of the cliff and ordered to kneel down. The police officer in charge said: "Here we exchange the dead for the dead and the living for the living." Before the victims were executed, they cried and pleaded for their lives. Then the shooting started. The dead bodies fell into the abyss or were pushed over the edge, sometimes by other Bosnian Muslims prior to their own execution. Grenades were thrown into the gorge to make sure no one would survive. The entire operation lasted not more than half an hour. The Trial Chamber is convinced that, at a minimum, 200 men were killed on this day at Koricanske Stijene.


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