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55 Tv Wall Mount Best Buy

Getting your TV or gaming screen up on the wall gives you more space, a better view, and keeps it out of reach of children or pets. But before you begin, you may be wondering: where is the best place to mount my TV, what mounts, bolts, or screws work with my Odyssey Ark, where can I buy replacement screws, and finally... how do I mount my TV? We'll help you find the answer to all of the above and more. You can visit Samsung's accessories page to purchase wall mounts or Samsung Parts to purchase replacement screws.

55 tv wall mount best buy

These days, TVs are in almost every room in the house. Choosing whether to mount the TV or leave it on its stand is going to depend on the room and personal preference. Keep these factors in mind as you make your decision.

Your TV is heavy, and the wall you choose for mounting must be able to support it. Your wall mount should be attached to a stud. In most cases, this won't be a problem, but depending on the house, you may find that the space between studs makes it difficult to mount a TV. If you don't attach the mount to a stud, you can use drywall anchors (toggle bolts), but you need to make sure the wall can hold the weight of the TV.

We do not recommend mounting your TV over a fireplace. Your primary concern will be the heat; Samsung TVs should never exceed 104F. Before you even think of mounting a TV above your fireplace, light a fire and check the temperature first.

Many of our TVs have a One Connect box that connects devices to the TV with one very small wire. For everything else, consider getting some in-wall rated cables and a kit that allows you to run all your cords through the wall to your devices.

Height may be the most important thing to consider when you mount your TV. First, think about the room itself. Is the TV going in your living room, a home bar, or a game room? If you are going to be watching from bar stools, then it needs to be mounted high enough for comfortable viewing from that height. But if you'll be standing around a pool table and watching TV, you'll want to mount it even higher since you will watch it primarily while standing. You may also want the option to angle it down, if you decide to sit.

If you are mounting your TV in a living room, it's a good idea to sit in your favorite spot and have a friend measure the distance from the floor to your eye level. If that's too much trouble, you can mount your TV 42 inches from the floor to the center of the TV. This should meet the approximate eye level of someone who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and sitting on a standard couch. Of course, you can mount it a little lower if needed, based on the viewers' height.

Note: Make sure you don't forget the piece of furniture you may be placing under your TV. Depending on the size of your TV, the default height of 42 inches may not allow enough space for a table or cabinet. If not, mount the TV about 4 to 6 inches above the furniture. (This is about the same height you would hang a mirror above a dresser.)

Samsung TVs are VESA compliant and work with any wall mount that is also VESA compliant and designed for the TV's size. We have several wall mounts available on our Accessories page. The best part is that the wall mount you purchase comes with all of the screws, spacers, and washers that you need to install it. The following information can help you determine what kind of mount you should get based on the size of your TV.

It's always best to make sure you have the right mount for the size and style of your TV and to use the screws that are included with the mount. However, if you ever need replacement screws, you can purchase them from Samsung Parts. There are also universal TV mounting screw kits available from Amazon that include wall mount screws in every size.

Now you're ready to mount your TV. While this can be a fairly easy DIY project, please don't do it all by yourself! Make sure you have someone to help you when it comes time to lift the TV. If at any time you don't feel comfortable completing this project, there are many professional options available.

There are many different wall mount options available, but as long as you follow the instructions that come with your wall mount, and you're comfortable using common household tools (screwdriver, tape measure, drill, etc.), installing the wall mount should prove to be a fairly simple task. Of course, many hands make light work, so having a friend to assist you will really make mounting your TV a breeze.

When selecting a mounting kit, pay close attention to its depth. Samsung No Gap Wall Mounts, which are exclusively for the QLED or Frame TVs, allow it to fit snuggly to the wall but still leave enough room to ventilate the TV. They also allow for leveling the TV after it is mounted.

Samsung Mini Wall Mounts have a profile between 0.7 and 1.6 inches, which is enough to ventilate the TV without making its profile the center of attention in a small room. They also allow for leveling the TV after hanging and include a leg that you can use to angle the TV away from the wall for access to the connections.

The 2021 Frame TV includes a wall mount with two brackets that need to be attached to the wall at a specific distance depending on the screen size. This video shows you how to space the brackets and mark their location using a piece of cardboard.

The best TV wall mounts will provide an excellent space-saving solution for some of the best TVs. Whether you want to create your own home cinema or simply want to create more space in your living room, wall mounts are a stylish and secure way to place your TV in your home.

The best full motion TV wall mount for most people is the Proper Swing Arm Full Motion Curved TV Bracket. Fairly priced, able to cater for medium-to-large TVs, just ensure the 35kg weight limit is ample.

The best full motion TV wall mount for heavier sets is the One For All Ultra Slim XL TV Bracket WM6661. Got a chunky TV that weighs more, this mount supports up to 100kg, for even the biggest of TVs.

The best flush TV wall mount is the One For All Fixed TV Bracket WM4811. A cleverly designed and subtle mount option that's cost-effective and invisible once the TV's mounted.

Proper's arm has a simple design to it that doesn't look like much, and we wouldn't place it in the uppermost reaches of the sturdiness bracket, but it's plenty strong nonetheless. It's suitable for everything from 100x100 VESA mounts all the way up to 600x400, with all the hardware you need for any of them included in the box. Rather than using a VESA plate, it makes use of a pair of vertical brackets which should (all being well) mean it doesn't block any vital inputs.

Over half a metre of extension from the wall makes this a great bracket if you're planning to re-angle your TV regularly, and it has an adjustable tilt to make sure you get the best viewing angles possible. Basic, sure, but not a bad price.

One For All employs a dual-arm scissor design here, which offers a bit more peace of mind than single-arm brackets. It also means the Ultra Slim XL Bracket can fold pretty flat against the wall without a protracted fight to orient the bracket in exactly the right configuration to get your TV where you want it. There's an angling handle, too, so you won't smear your TV's bezels with sticky fingers.

How complex does a TV bracket really need to be? If you're only interested in hanging your TV flush against the wall, One For All's ingenious mounting system might be all you need. There's not really a bracket here, as such. You mount four components to the VESA mounting holes on the back of your TV, the top two of which slot into corresponding brackets mounted on the wall, with the bottom two providing equal spacing. One of those has a little wire leg, which can give the TV a little upward tilt away from the wall, and the two wall-mounted brackets are hinged to allow you to pivot up the TV to hook up cables.

Dead simple, then, and very flush to the wall, though there are of course a few drawbacks. There's no downward tilt, so this won't necessarily suit if you're mounting your TV high up on a wall. It's also unlikely to work with any TV with a curved back, though it will fit basically any VESA mount from 75x75 to 800x600.

Full motion doesn't always mean full motion; you'll frequently find brackets which swivel, tilt and enable you to pull a mounted TV away from the wall, but up-and-down movement isn't nearly as common. Sandstrom's high-end mount, more expensive on its own than some TVs, includes a gas lift which enables you to reposition your TV on the vertical axis, making it great for multi-use bedrooms or just those situations where you might sometimes want that TV a little lower.

Invision's budget bracket lands right in the bargain bucket, particularly because the company also throws in a dinky spirit level and a 1.8m HDMI cable with your penny-pinching purchase, but don't discount it because of its price or gimmicks. It's absolutely strong enough, and its double-arm design gives it a fair amount of rigidity. Credit, also, for Invision's use of an adjustable, smaller mounting plate for the TV portion, which can be tweaked to fit just about any TV without clashing with its ports.

Let's think about the wall. if you're looking to mount your TV to drywall, for example, you'll need a wall plate wide enough to distribute the weight of your TV over a large area, and you'll also need to find your studs to make sure you're placing that bracket in a suitable position. In brick, you'll have a little more flexibility, but you'll still need something secure enough to not bend or sag when the TV is dangling off the other end.

Realistically, today's TVs are rarely outrageously heavy, but if you have a particularly weighty screen you'll absolutely want to factor that into your mount selection. The real consideration will be your TV's mounting points. Thankfully these follow a uniform standard, known as VESA, which ensures that the same four-point brackets will fit all TVs which conform to that VESA size. 041b061a72


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