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John Young
John Young

Comedy Night V1.1.7 Crack Free

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion (18/1/2021)Fixed Bugs-You cannot use the Server Lobby feature in online building.-Keys are reset after the player dies or restarts from checkpoint.-Fuse Crawler doesn't bounce correctly on a Bouncy Ball on the ceiling in a certain pattern.-Fire Wall Modifier options have unused arrows.-Super Arm blocks and fragments do not crack or break Ice Blocks.-Centaur Flash can make you permanently invincible.-Soccer Ball Jet can't be hit by a Punch Block after flying once.-A crash can occur if you return to editor at the same moment Mega Man dies with Fuse Rail on your level.-When time is stopped, Splash Woman doesn't freeze completely if set to weakness.-When falling on the corner of a Conveyor Belt, it pushes you to the edge.-Push Block pushed by another moving platform can clip inside another Push Block.-Battan can get stuck in ladders and Jumpthrough Platforms while jumping.-Enemies and bosses can fall off moving platforms going up and down.-Enemies and bosses fall of Crash Lifts moving horizontally.

Comedy Night v1.1.7 crack free



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