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Gustav Nikiforov

HD Online Player (monogatari Series Second Season 1080)

its a rare thing to see a direct sequel to an anime that has been around since the mid-2000s, but kuroshitsuji 2 certainly is one of them. unlike the first, kuroshitsuji 2 takes place in the present day, with the magical monster hunter tenri kagurazaka (sogomaru ) and his partners investigating the crimes of a serial killer. the fans of the original series will certainly enjoy the story, although, with most of the major parts of the first season taken care of, theres not much else that is new or unexpected. but as with any sequel, it serves its purpose of filling in the gaps in the story, which is more than enough reason to watch. the production is once again handled by a-1 pictures, which has proven itself to be capable of keeping up with the original series. with the previous season having a great mix of old and new elements, theres no reason to worry that kuroshitsuji 2 wont live up to its predecessors.

HD Online Player (monogatari series second season 1080)

in a surprising turn of events, hanamonogatari has surpassed monogatari as the most popular series of the season, and for good reason. while monogatari was a great series, hanamonogatari took everything that made monogatari great and ran with it, building on the ideas to create a much more interesting story. hanamonogatari had a simple concept at its core, but the way it was executed made the series a lot of fun to watch. the first season ended on a cliffhanger, and its been a long time since weve had a story that kept us guessing. well be seeing whether the series can continue that trend with hanamonogatari s second season.


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