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John Young
John Young

Oblivion Xp Vs Realistic Leveling LINK

This mod changes leveling and attribute advances to be more realistic and provide better game play. Level and attributes will increase naturally as your skills improve, without the need to micromanage them or worry about what skills to use to optimise your advancement.

Oblivion Xp Vs Realistic Leveling

Q: Why don't you use Oblivion XP to change the leveling system?A: I don't get why it's so popular. It has support for a lot of quest mods, so at least compatibility isn't a concern, but I simply don't like it because it changes the leveling system too much. I like Realistic Leveling more for its simplistic and easy approach to fixing vanilla's leveling problems, with the bonus of having much less script lag too.

  • Added custom event handler for XP messages from other mods (like MOO v4.9.4+).

  • Updated UI for various leveling system modes.

  • Rewritten ini file and moved most settings to advanced users ini file.

  • Added quest ini file to configure xp and description of quests.

  • Updated horseshoes to be golden when giving luck or have a normal appearance otherwise.

  • Removed support for onsoultrap event handler to avoid crashes.

  • Updated xp calculation for various actions like quests, repair items and training.

  • Added ability to configure the speed of individual skills.

  • Added unleveled, retroactive and unchanged health modes.

  • Added manual, realistic and KCAS wheel attribute modes.

  • Added Balanced Magic, Av Latta Magicka and Race Balancing Project to compatibility ini file.

  • Added compatibility ini file to automatically configure itself when needed.

  • Fixed issue related to amount of experience received killing actors.

  • Improved support for changing race and class during character creation.

  • Improved UI for attribute/skill menu and progress text.

  • Added ability to gain xp from kills of actors under the influence of a frenzy spell.

  • Added custom class profession books to merchants and as loot.

  • Added ability to follow the path of a custom class.

  • Added ability to configure skill point cost for specialization of major and minor skills individually.

  • Added ability to configure the cost of training.

  • Added ability to configure the amount of training sessions for each level.

  • Improved support for non-English game versions.

  • Added support for Dark Transparent UI and MajorJim's UI.

  • Improved use of profession books with new leveling modes.

  • Updated vanilla UI for various attribute modes.

  • Replaced all generic levelup menus with modified "real" levelup menus.

  • Added option to increase skill caps to be above 100 when using xp leveling system.

  • Updated attribute point distribution calculation.

  • Added support for Map Marker Overhaul player markers.

  • Removed custom event handler to avoid possible OBSE issue.

  • Delete the Ultimate Leveling files in the Data folder.

  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the.

Any other UIs, like BTmod, will use the new vanilla UI menus.ĭo not use this mod with other character leveling and/or uncapper mods. Currently DarNified UI, DarkUI'd DarN, NorthernUI, Dark Transparent UI and Major Jim's UI are automatically supported. This mod requires OBSE (version 21 or higher) and MenuQue to function properly. Please read the included pdf readme file for further details. See chapter 2 of the pdf readme for an overview of the available leveling systems and chapter 3 to 9 for more information concerning the available options for each category.Īdditionally, powerscrolls have been added to increase attribute caps and profession books to change the player character's class. The skill usage leveling system allows the player character to level by using skills, much like vanilla, but includes an optional skill cap to encourage character diversity.Ī leveling system is a combination of choices, which are configurable in the ini file, split into the following 7 categories: The experience based leveling system allows the player character to level by gaining experience, which is done by performing actions like killing enemies, completing quests and discovering new locations. Either pick an experience based leveling system (like Oblivion XP), or a skill usage leveling system (like Realistic Leveling). This mod changes how the player character levels, removing the need for efficient leveling and making character development more diverse.


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