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8. Chapter Eight: Bad Blood !FREE!

The girls gather on the bleachers. Faran apologizes for that ever happening to them, with Noa assuring them that they've got both of them. Mouse is ready to help them with whatever they need. They were both attacked after jock-centric parties, so they think it might be someone on the football team. Mouse asks if that's how Imogen got pregnant and she nods. Imogen and Tabby have an idea to catch their attacker by using the DNA from Imogen's unborn baby to match the assaulter. They plan to use Millwood High's blood drive to get the samples, but need to ensure that every boy at the school attends. Noa's mom can hopefully help them figure out the DNA part. They can get real proof with it and make sure the police can't ignore them. Noa offers to talk with Shawn about it, too. Kelly is working in the nurse's office so they can help them get involved. Faran asks about A and the signatures. Imogen and Tabby plan to visit Crazy Joe at the train tracks. He's the clearest line to the signature.

8. Chapter Eight: Bad Blood

Noa comes home and tells Marjorie that Tabby and Imogen were raped, but don't know who the guy was. They have an idea for the blood drive to match a DNA sample from Imogen's baby. Marjorie tells her that illegally obtained DNA samples wouldn't hold up in court, but she knows already. It would at least be enough to open an investigation. She has to get the DNA samples to Marjorie directly, as she has a friend at the lab. If they can figure it out with minimal risk, then yes. Imogen has to get a paternity test first. Noa thanks her and they hug.

At the Beasley House, Imogen tells Kelly what happened to her. Kelly feels bad as she was horrible that night. Imogen is there and chooses to trust her because she needs her help. Kelly is working the blood drive as the girls need to work it too. She's carrying the DNA of her attacker but needs blood from all boys in school to do a paternity test. They don't need a lot, just a few drops, like what they'd get from a cotton ball. While this is insane, they were friends and she hopes that Kelly will do the right thing now.

Imogen searches through Davie's Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior yearbooks for the signature. She can't find anything on the signature or her mom's Senior yearbook. Tabby suggests she chill on the search, at least for now. They have the blood drive coming up. Imogen is missing her, more and more. It's almost easier when she's doing stuff. Tabby recommends the soup kitchen tradition as that might help. She relents that it might.

Kelly presents the Little Liars as volunteers for the drive. Nurse Simmons says they can start by ensuring people show up. Imogen smiles as they will, as she wants blood from everyone. The girls present to their respective classes. They desperately need their help. America, including Millwood, is in crisis as they have the biggest blood shortage in decades. That's why the administration has agreed that if they donate blood tomorrow, they'll be excused from classes for the rest of the day. For even more of an incentive, they'll be giving away free passes to The Orpheum if they sign up today. Mr. Smithee eyes Tabby from across the room.

Noa visits Shawn at practice and he correctly guesses that she isn't there just to watch him play. They have plans to catch the guy but need DNA proof. She asks him to make sure all the guys participate in the blood drive but he doesn't see that happening. After some pushing, he reveals that some of the guys are on some version of performance enhancers or steroids. She asks if he takes them and he snaps back that he already told her no. It doesn't matter if they aren't drug testing. They won't participate if there's even a 0.1% chance of getting caught. He assures her that he'll donate and be first in line.

She tells the girls that the guys won't donate, which is upsetting since the football players are their prime suspects. Noa has a plan B - they sneak into the locker room and swipe DNA from their mouth guards and stuff. While it's a gross idea, Imogen thinks it's a blessing in disguise. If a match comes back from the locker room DNA they'll know it's a football player. If a match is from the blood drive, they'll know it's someone else in the school. It'll shrink the pool so they can eliminate suspects one by motherfucking one. They raid the locker room for mouth guards, razors, hair, tops of water bottles, and underwear.

Noa walks the halls with Band-Aids for the blood drive. She watches a group of jocks, including Greg, exchange blue pills. At the drive, Faran and Tabby manage the sign-in desk while Kelly saves the cotton balls from the male students arms. She drops them into a trash bin. Mouse checks on Ash who says she's fine. She thinks he looks cute with his sleeve rolled up like a greaser. She's weird but he loves it. Noa offers to replace Kelly's trash bag and she agrees. Imogen is out of cookies so she heads to the nurse's office to get some. She also searches for Angela Waters in the student database to find her address.

Chapter 8: The Eternal Prison: Bad Blood is the eighth chapter of Blood Omen 2, it followed Kain's journey to the Eternal Prison to find the Builder and a way to destroy the Device. This chapter is succeeded byChapter 9: the Device .

The Builder, a withered Hylden, explained about the Device; that it was a weapon leftover from the Elder Wars. At its heart was a creature, the Mass, whose thoughts were powerful enough to destroy all creatures not of the Hylden Race . The Builder explained how the Device had remained incomplete because of the lack of an accompanying network to project the Mass' mental energy onto. Kain realised that theSarafan had completed this network in the guise of providing Glyph magic energy to Meridian's people and now they were ready to use the Device. The Builder revealed that the Device had a simple weakness - the Mass was vulnerable to the "blood of the elder races".[1] Granting the Builder freedom from his eternal torment, Kain killed the Builder and drank his Blood .

The Builder:It has a simple weakness. Blood is like poison to its system. And not any blood, but pure blood from the elder races. My blood. My blood will poison and kill the creature.Drink from me, vampire, and use my life's blood to kill that which I created out of arrogance and pride. Kill me so that the Mass will die, and the Device will be destroyed.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Season 1 is closing in on its finale, and it seems like all the clues are leading the liars one step closer to "A" and the serial rapist. With the help of a blood drive at school and a chaotic Thanksgiving week, they begin to gather all the evidence they need to find the person who assaulted Imogen (Bailee Madison) and impregnated her. In the meantime, "A" is now bothering Sydney (Sharon Leal), the last mother of the bunch to be addressed by the anonymous identity. Could she be the key to the liars finding out about what happened to Angela (Gabriella Pizzolo), or does Crazy Joe (Michael Maze) know more than what he has revealed to them thus far? Here is what this chapter has to contribute to this suspenseful storyline.

Episode 8, titled "Bad Blood", sees the girls at the school bathroom spiraling over the picture they received from "A" of Tyler's (Brian Altemus) dead body in a bathtub. Unsure of what to do, they decide to once again keep their mouths shut about it until they find out A's identity and motivation. Tabby (Chandler Kinney) and Imogen also confide about their rape incidents and share with the girls their game plan to use the blood drive to obtain the DNA of their assaulter. Noa (Maia Reficco), Mouse (Malia Pyles), and Faran (Zaria Simone) agree to help their friends implement the idea through their personal connections. Meanwhile, later that day, Sydney receives a copy of The Scarlet Letter at her front door. As she picks up the book, she finds a library card in it with various signatures from Angela Waters (maybe this could be an Easter egg to the list of signatures in the visitor's book that Tabby and Imogen saw during their trip to Rosewood) and a note saying "silence kills." Mortified by this, Sydney has a momentary flashback to 1999 when Angela told her a secret that she and her friends chose to ignore.

In an attempt to find out who Imogen's rapist is, Noa asks Marjorie (Elena Goode) if she can help run DNA tests with the blood collected from the drive. Noa's mother agrees to contact a close friend who could perform these tests with discretion. Yet, when Noa asks Shawn (Alex Aiono) to convince his football teammates to donate, he says that it wouldn't be possible due to the fact that many of them take substances to keep them energized before games. This even leads the girls to collect items from the boys' locker room as a way to obtain the evidence that they need.

As we know from previous episodes, Tabby plans to use her school film project as a means of coming to terms with her own traumatic encounter. However, Mr. Smithee (Jeffrey Bean) isn't very receptive to that idea and asks her to have her mother sign a form stating that she would be ok if her daughter brings up this topic in an assignment. Sydney ends up agreeing to support Tabby's project after the liar told her mother that she was inspired by Angela's rape story, not her own. Diving back to the blood drive plan, Imogen opens up with Kelly (Mallory Betchel) about the origin of her pregnancy and convinces her to collect blood drops from the boys in school for the DNA tests. That is enough to give the girls the opportunity to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

The Infected Blood Inquiry statistics report, published in September 2022, set out to establish the true numbers of those infected and includes David Spiegelhalter among its authors. The report found that around 1,250 people with bleeding disorders were infected with HIV in the UK and that at least a further 2,400 people were infected with Hepatitis C.[2] The report concluded that around three-quarters of those infected with HIV have died and that at least 700 people infected with Hepatitis C had died. The report also found that 8,120 people were chronically infected with Hepatitis C ten years or more after contaminated blood transfusions. Circumstances under which people were infected via transfusions are different to factor products. For example, blood for blood transfusion was not imported from the USA. 041b061a72


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