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Gustav Nikiforov
Gustav Nikiforov

Mint Condition - What Kind Of Man Would I Be

I don't think there's any material advantage to being four or five months late in terms of the power. If you do look at [Sony's] specification they've got - putting the silicon aside which is going to be a challenge because they've gone for such a complex architecture there - Blu-Ray is a huge problem. Blu-Ray is a power point. You can't buy a drive, right? It's a specification that people are arguing about every day, not just in the press, but in real standards fights. That's a real challenge. It's not as if those drives are being manufactured by 20 different companies that you can go and buy off the shelves, so I think that's going to be a real challenge for them. It might explain their date. We didn't think about them when we thought about our date. We thought about what was right for gaming, what was right for technology, what type would be available and went from there.

Mint Condition - What Kind Of Man Would I Be

You show the best that you can show. We tried to show things that were representative of what you're going to be able to buy. That was our part. In some cases it was lower than what we'd like people to think this system is capable of, but it's real, and we wanted to show people stuff that was real and say 'hey, launch is around the corner and you're going to buy games that look like this, you're not going to be disappointed'. We didn't want to set an expectation, and I think there was an expectation, just talking as a gamer, of Namco Girl. Remember Namco Girl on PS2, I remember saying 'I can't wait to get that game'. That game doesn't exist. That game is going to exist; the fidelity of the graphics of Namco Girl for PS2 will first ship on Xbox 360 called Dead Or Alive 4. Dead Or Alive 4 will have that kind of fidelity, but that's years after Namco Girl.

And, the thing is, it's so hard to characterise some of the big shifts that we see - the input is going to change dramatically. Voice and video are going to really have a big impact on gaming. You can't show that on the screen. We think that online communities, personalisation is going to have a huge impact on gaming. You can't show that visually in a 30 second exciting trailer. So I think a lot of people get conditioned. It's the easy thing to do, to condition yourself to say 'I just want to talk about the graphics shift'. It's not just about the graphics. Grand Theft Auto: QED. Grand Theft Auto had crap graphics; nobody played it for the graphics. Halo? It could have had weaker graphics, but people would have still loved it because the gameplay balance was perfect, the story was comprehensive enough, the world was exciting, the level design was great. Take the graphics down a notch, I'm still playing those games.

I kind of put the 'does it look better?' secondarily. Not because it's not important, not because I don't think we're not going to have a system to do it, but because we're almost good enough. You know, years ago when we were making Xbox, there was this debate. People talk about the Blu-Ray DVD thing [now, but] they would come in and they would say 'what are you doing about SACD and DVD Audio?' Higher fidelity audio, dadadada. I'm like 'I couldn't tell the difference between vinyl and CD!' It's more convenient, which is nice, and I can play it in my car and I don't have to screw up tapes, but I can't hear the difference, do I need better audio in my life?

It was here in Hope that I learned how to handle a firearm and a fishing pole. And I spent a lot of hours with both. I got my first BB gun at age five. It was a Daisy, model 25. I've still got it. It's in mint condition. I learned the basic rules of gun safety. And I never thought about using a firearm to murder someone. [applause] I ran trout lines all night in Bois d'Arc Lake with my dad and grandfather, so we could catch catfish that we'd freeze and we'd live off for weeks. 041b061a72


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